Jamie Photography

Jamie is a curious and creative soul traveling the globe in search of any wonder in the life.

He finds true excitement observing the world, from windows of planes, peaks of mountains and rooftops of skyscrapers. Jamie defines those moments as “Eyegasm”. Besides landscape photography, Jamie is also trying for street photography and portraits. When he is not with his SLR, Jamie is capturing spontaneous moments with his iPhone, especially for his friends. Regardless of his friends’ objections in a joking way, Jamie knows that they will all thank him after 50 years. All these photos are the trajectory of our lives, are the proof that we have once lived.

He currently resides in an incredible tropical island at the tip of the Pearl River Delta – Hong Kong, with the most important things in his life - his camera “Henry”, wakeboard “Bobby”, snowboard “Bobby Jr.”, Macbook Pro “Joseph”, Hillary and Moo Moo. Life is good.
Get in touch: jamiehaozhou@gmail.com